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Fund Raising with a Purpose

Our Purpose is changing lives.

(844) FWAP ORG - (844) 392.7674

  • Featured Causes
    “Our school hopes to raise enough money to feed 30,000 starving children in third world countries. In additional to this we will be raising funds for our (Insert your school program name here).Donate Now
  • Featured Causes
    We currently network with over 100 Kids Against Hunger satellites worldwide and other organizations that package food for hungry children locally and abroad. Not only will children’s lives be saved, we also believe we will powerfully enhance the lives of those actually involved in food packing events…Donate Now
  • Featured Causes
    Imagine the youth of America helping to ending world starvation! Schools, to raise money to fund programs, typically sell candy, candles, popcorn and cookie dough to raise funds. If they simply added feeding starving kids into their fund raising rotation, the youth of America could potentially produce 5 billion meals each year!Donate Now

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