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Fund Raising with a Purpose » About Us

Our Purpose is changing lives.

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About Us

Worldwide Goal

Our worldwide objective constitutes re-directing the bulk of the fundraising dollar our country spends on candy, candles, cookie dough and more. Then using it to feed tens of millions starving children around the world.

Educational Goal

Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of education.” Fundraising With A Purpose focuses on improving the integrity of our country through all of our organizations that lead our youth including schools, sports clubs, churches, civic groups, businesses, and more. Furthermore, the actual future of our country depends on the moral fiber of our youth. We desire to see all of our children learn early in life to choose what is right, not easy. The character qualities we promote include: community, honesty, anti-bullying, overcoming obstacles, team-work, courage, respect, and selflessness.

Accountability Goal

Fundraising With A Purpose designed our charitable giving programs with built-in accountability measures to avoid scamming/fraud. When raising money for any cause whether it is feeding starving children or selling emergency kits — What assures the donor that their gift is actually going to the stated cause and what percentage?

Our Fundraising With A Purpose website, the Kids Against Hunger website, our program transparency, online giving methods, and printed materials are designed to remove these concerns as much as possible.

Spiritual Goal

Fundraising With A Purpose believes it breaks the heart of God that children around the world often experience sickness and starvation. They often die without experiencing the goodness of God and humanity at no fault of their own.

We believe God’s blessings come with the responsibility to represent His goodness to those in need. God waits on those He has given to, that they might share with those that are without. This is to represent Him and His goodness. The first “receiver” turns into the “giver” and loves it. God loves a cheerful giver because He is one.

Locally, the spiritual goal of Fundraising With A Purpose endeavors to reverse the moral decline of our cities by teaching children honesty, generosity, selflessness, self-control and forgiveness.

Fundraising With A Purpose’s In-House Goal:

Our partnership with the shelter, the House of Decision, is described below

The House of Decision - Supported by Fundraising with a Purpose.

Fundraising With A Purpose works closely the House of Decision, a refuge for men and women with children located in Cherry Valley, CA. The House of Decision is a non-profit organization that has housed and restored the lives of over 3,000 needy adults and children over the past 15 years.

People come to the House of Decision from all walks of life. Some are battered, newly divorced, jobless, suffering health problems, struggling through a crisis, etc. Their mission is to encourage each resident to improve the health of their lives in every aspect, i.e., spiritually, emotionally, physically, financially, educationally, etc.

Working on nine acres of land, using eight homes and a large metal building, those that live at the House of Decision can work and learn new skills as they work for Fundraising With A Purpose. Jobs include assembly of emergency kits, working out the logistics of packaging events, warehousing and shipping products, etc. Since the House of Decision is supported by donations only, Fundraising With A Purpose helps meet their financial needs while teaching new job skills.

The men, women, and children that live at the House of Decision would like to kindly thank you for choosing Fundraising With A Purpose.