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Fund Raising with a Purpose » Emergency Kits

Our Purpose is changing lives.

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Emergency Kits

Imagine having a fundraiser where you actually use essential
Emergency Preparedness products at a fair price!

Parents and community leaders will thank you. You can expect to far exceed your typical fundraiser program with our Emergency Kit Fundraiser Program!

Our brochure offers various emergency items with a wide range of costs to fit every budget. You would be surprised at how many larger emergency kits you will sell. We have designed a profit margin ranging from 33% to 50% on our various emergency preparedness products. The smaller items net higher returns and the more expensive whole family kits naturally net a lower percentage to keep them affordable.

• What organization needs emergency supplies in case of a disaster more than a school?
• How many school kids and their families are properly equipped for an emergency?

Now is your chance!

Program Details

Emergency Kits - Additional General Details

Now you have the ability to sell emergency supplies to all your school families and even take the opportunity to use the funds you raise to purchase needed emergency supplies for each of your classrooms and administration buildings.

If you are a civic group, business, government office, hospital or other entity you might be intending to sell emergency items solely for the purpose of individual employee preparedness with no intention to raise funds for your organization. The profits from the items sold can go towards a moral boosting food packing event. Check out our food program for more details.

In addition, offering a payroll deduction program makes the kits very affordable to your employees.

Emergency Kits - Initial Decisions

Set an achievable goal for your Emergency Kit Fundraiser. Because of the higher dollar items involved and their functionality, expect a considerably stronger response than your previous fund raising efforts from years past.

Set a fundraising time period. Typically at least two weeks is recommended for schools. If a business, civic group, hospital or other, we suggest at least one entire month may be designated as “Disaster Preparedness Month.”

We recommend determining prizes for volume of sales. We have found students accruing sales of $300 or more when motivated by an award such as a $50 Best Buy gift card. Offer lesser prizes for lower sales. You also should be able to get a volume discount from your gift card vendors or even have them donate the gift cards entirely!

Emergency Kits - Personalize Your Envelope

Fundraising With A Purpose supplies our brochures and order forms for each participant at no cost to you. These materials can be used for sales and ordering. See additional details below on where to send your envelopes.

Emergency Kits - Kickoff Assembly Planning

Disaster preparedness should be emphasized during your initial fund raising assembly. Videos of emergencies such as hurricanes, storms, earthquakes make great additions to your assembly to help sell emergency items.

Each item is also presented at your assembly and how it works.

Present prizes given for sales volume, typically matching 20% in value to sells.

Review deadline for sales and money turn-in.

Pass-out sales brochures and envelopes (at assembly or in classroom).

Selling and Finishing

Participants Sell Emergency Supplies and Kits

Students are encouraged to sell to people they know and enlist their parents to sell to their friends, relatives, and co-workers. Of course we want everyone to be safe so be sure to always sell in safe areas or groups.

Complete Order Forms

After turn-in date and all sells received, your organization fills out our Order Form. Your costs of each item are delineated on this form. Total the costs of goods sold and start payment process with your district office. Send check to:

Fundraising With A Purpose
Box A 2131

Emergency Supplies Shipped

We will ship all emergency supplies within 10 business days of receiving your completed order form.

Plan the Final Assembly

Plan the final assembly to award prizes and to advise each participant how they will be able to pick up the emergency supplies they sold. Each participant should have their order form to know who to distribute supplies to. Ensure they have collected complete contact information for each person they have sold to.

The distribution process needs to be carefully planned. If you are a school, you may want to use one room for bulk storage and various classes for distribution. Some ideas include:

1. Last period teacher receives all orders and distributes emergency supplies.
2. Various grades/classes coming in at different times to one designated room. You will likely distribute a large volume of supplies and may want to make your distribution a two-day process.