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Fund Raising with a Purpose » Faith Quotes

Our Purpose is changing lives.

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Faith Quotes

Any size group can participate and make a very high return this fundraising program.

Character quotes make an attractive and novel fund raiser for schools, churches and clubs.

To increase your sales dramatically, we encourage you to buy a sample character quote for each student to use as an example. For promotional purposes only, we will sell you our character quotes for just .25 cents each.

After the fundraiser is over, the participants keep their faith quotes—they earned it. You choose your sample quotes. Limit one per participant.

Getting Your Fundraiser Started

Color Brochures and Printed Envelopes

We will send you our free 9X12 envelope for you to add your organization name, contact number and turn-in date. Each envelope presents every 3X5 magnetic quote in color for the buyer to read and choose.

Some organizations may choose to run this fundraiser and apply the net profit from it to buy food to feed starving children! Here are some details: At .30 cents a meal you can buy 20,000 meals for $6,000! Selling emergency supplies may get you most of the way there. Food packaging events are also a great morale boosters and great for team building.

Quotes - Kickoff Assembly Planning

Set Goals:
First set a fund raising goal. Expect your sales total to come in considerably higher than previous fundraisers that you have tried.

We have carefully chosen quotes related to building character. However, at your assembly, you can have a great deal of fun with hilarious quotes.

Get Ready:
At the assembly you should instruct each participant to immediately write:
The buyer’s name.
Record their choice of quotes
The amount they paid in front of the person giving

Your participants need to assure their buyers their purchases are being recorded and accounted for.

The envelope and brochure are reviewed for all to understand the basics.

Preparing and Using the Envelopes:
Write their name and your contact number on the envelope (in case lost), each quote has its corresponding order number on the brochure, the turn-in date, etc.

We suggest the students picking up their envelopes with their names written on them in their last period classroom. The envelope should also have the room number posted on it.

When the fundraiser is over, the students will pick up their individual envelopes containing the particular magnetic quotes that they sold. Each student then delivers the magnets using their order form detailing the buyer’s name and the magnets they purchased.

Young participants are encouraged to use caution in talking to strangers, but encouraged to enlist parents to signup co-workers, relatives, friends, etc.

Raising Money and Finishing

Participants Raise Money

If K-12 students, plan on a two week fundraising period minimum. Other groups/businesses can go much longer, perhaps dedicating a specific month to raising money. As fitting be sure to have reminders and updates on amounts given to date. Also regularly remind your participants goal set, various prizes available, deadline on donations, etc.

Final Accounting

Your fundraiser bookkeeper checks to confirm the magnets ordered and the money received balances in each envelope.

Each envelope is saved to be returned to each student, containing their sold magnets. Your bookkeeper then email us your order using our Accounting Form and starts the payment process with your own District Office or club/group that sponsored the event. We understand and will be patient with those clubs that require a longer check approval process. Send check to:

Fundraising With A Purpose
Box A 2131
CA 92223

Fundraising With A Purpose staff will ship quotes within 10 business days of receiving your email order. Upon receiving the bulk magnets, enlist a campus club to help stuff the student’s envelopes.

Simply put the magnetic quotes in numerical order on a table and each volunteer walks down the line, counting how many of each quote that was sold on the face of envelope and filling accordingly. Envelopes are boxed according to room number posted.

Award Assembly

Thank your high volume sellers. Ask what particular quotes they liked.
Inspire your audience to learn more, be more, dream more, do more.