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Fund Raising with a Purpose » FAQ

Our Purpose is changing lives.

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Many ask, “How and where are the bags of food shipped?”

We use many organizations to transport the food, either by air travel or cargo ships. For shipping, we choose organizations that have an established strong presence in the country they intend to ship to. Since they handle all the costs of shipping, they have the privilege of giving out the food.

The vast majority of the food shipped is then distributed through an existing “soup kitchen” or orphanage. Imagine if an entire denomination or service club choose to do a food fundraiser every year. Many could adopt an entire country or refugee camp to feed.

The proven NGO’s (non-government organizations) greatly reduce the concern that many voice regarding the food being stolen and illegally sold, or detained at the docks until bribed.

Our U.S. Military also freely transports humanitarian goods to foreign countries in crisis. Our ships contain a compartment designated solely for humanitarian relief goods.

Recognizing there are hungry children in the United States and Mexico, We also distribute the food locally. In addition, we allow those who sponsor the food packs to hold and distribute up to 30% of the food they pack for domestic needs.
By design, the food is moderately bland by American standards. The gentle favoring enables the starving children’s stomach to digest the essentials nutrients. To make the food more palatable to our American diet, many people add chicken, ground beef, hot dogs, seasoning, etc.