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Fund Raising with a Purpose » Feeding Starving Children

Our Purpose is changing lives.

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Feeding Starving Children

The question is….

“Would you like to donate $15 to feed a hungry child for one entire month and also support our school at the same time?”

The purpose explained….

“Our school hopes to raise enough money to feed 30,000 starving children in third world countries. In additional to this we will be raising funds for our (Insert your school program name here). Besides this we have the hands on opportunity to actually package the meals ourselves with the rice, soy, dried vegetables and vitamins at my school in three weeks.”

What they often here in reply is a very impressed “YES” because not only does our program not waste money, it supports the local community and teaches kids to give back to others.


Public Motivational Classroom

Faith-Based Motivational Classroom

Food Packaging Fund Raiser Details

Fund Raising Details

Fund Raising Details

Imagine your students feeding 30,000 starving children or more! (Headline)

This goal is well within reach of most schools, service clubs, churches and other organizations. We recognize and gladly support the needs of all types of organizations. We allow your organization to keep up to 40% of the total funds raised from this fundraiser. Your organization may choose to keep a smaller percentage thus giving more towards the purchase of meals to feed children.

For every .30 cents we receive, you will purchase enough highly nutritious food to feed one hungry child somewhere in the world for one entire day. Talk about impact!


A “sponsor” may be a local business, church, service clubs (Kiwanis, Rotary, Lions) or an individual that offers to purchase incentives to encourage those who participate to raise donations. Each fund raising participant turns into a “sales agent” for the sponsor, advertising goodwill throughout their local community. You can tailor your incentives to your specific organization.

Read our “Sponsor Letter” to fully understand this unique opportunity.

View an example of a Successful Incentives Chart for students.

You have the option to increase your 40% net to close to 60% by finding a local sponsor for your fundraiser.

Financial Process

Package 1


If you receive $15,000 in fund raising donations and choose to retain 40%, you keep $6,000 for your needs.


Then you would send us $9,000 which is 60%.


We will then send you enough food to feed 30,000 children — $9,000 divided by .30 cents equals 30,000 meals.

Package 2


If you receive $15,000 in fund raising donations and choose to retain 20%, you keep $3,000 for your needs.


Then you would send us $12,000 which is 80%.


We will then send you enough food to feed 40,000 children.

Package 3

If you send us the entire $15,000, we will send you enough food to feed 50,000 children!

What can you buy for .30 cents? Postage stamp? Candy bar? Donut? Add a piece of fake cheese to a hamburger?

Again every .30 cents that you send us pays for one meal that contains enough nutrition to feed a starving child for one entire day!

About Food

Many organizations (businesses, churches, civic groups) have the capability to graciously send in all their donations to feed as many children as possible, also increasing the size and power of their packing event.

To present our program to a group, print out our “Basic Elements” page. Our two sided (Front & Back ) “9X12 Food Envelope”explains the program to parents/donors and includes powerful world hunger facts. (The blank area is dedicated for the label that states your specific organization information and space for sponsor information.) Encourage them to view our website videos. We are also happy to mail to you a sample bag of food and DVD’s of our videos used for your kickoff assembly (7 min.) and several more short motivational videos to view in the classroom.

About Minimums

About Minimums

To assist you in making this fundraiser run smoothly from start to finish, every school/business/church is appointed a personal representative to answer all their questions and come to their site to manage the food packing event. After you have sent us your contact information, we assign to you the representative that is located closest to your site. They will contact you and continue to personally work with you throughout the entire process.

About Costs

About Costs

Fundraising With A Purpose will supply each participant a free 9X12 printed envelope that contains all the pertinent information for the fundraiser and “Hunger Facts.” All the costs that your organization incurs, i.e., prizes, promotion, etc., are assumed by your organization. Finding a “sponsor” eliminates these costs.

About Donations

About Donations

All donation checks are written to the organization that is sponsoring the fundraiser. In addition our website offers very simple and convenient online donations and sponsoring.

If using our website the donor designates your organization and the participant name which is then given credit that is applied towards their total gifting received.

The donor can print out a tax deductible receipt and receive confirmation that their gift is received. This is great for large donations and sponsorships.

At the end of your fundraiser your representative will send you a copy of all your online gifts. Your organization then calculates all gifts received to your office. The totals are added up and you retain up to 40% for your needs.

If needed for ASB clubs or other types of organizations we will send you a “Purchase Order.” After you inform your representative of the amount you are sending to us, they will promptly schedule transporting the proper amount of bulk food and supplies needed at your packing event site.

Please Note: that we have a minimum of 3 weeks lead time to assemble your food shipment and delivery.

Final Food Destination

Final Food Destination

Many inquire as to where the boxes of food are shipped to. Depending on who is used to transport the food packages such as the United States Military, humanitarian groups or others also determines the final destination of the meals.

Our experience has dictated that the meals are most often distributed to orphanages, refugee camps, areas hit by catastrophe or famine in third world countries. These countries include Haiti, Africa, Mexico, India and many parts of South America.

We also allow your organization to keep a portion of the meals you pack to distribute to those in need locally or homeless. Through our food packing events students receive a strong understanding of community when supporting families that are “food insecure” or devastated by a natural disaster in the United States as well as abroad. The meals are never to be sold but given freely to those in need.

Fundraising Steps Made Simple

1. Setting Your Goals

Setting Your Goals

How many children do you hope to feed?

If you typically raise $10,000 selling candy, set your goal to raise 50% more or $15,000.

If you keep the entire 40% permissible, you will keep $6,000 and send us $9,000. Your representative will personally transport to your site and help set-up 30,000 meals to package!

Just in case the math is fuzzy for you – $9,000 divided by $.30 cents = 30,000 meals!

To remain forthright and transparent with potential donors, the envelope used to collect donations states the percentage your organization intends to use for your needs.

2. Selecting a Packaging Date

Selecting a Packaging Date

The packing event itself should be scheduled a minimum of 3 weeks after all the funds are required to be turned in. This timeframe allows us to prepare and ship everything for your food packaging event. You must discuss with your representative your desired packing event date to confirm it is also open on their calendar. We must also schedule many tons of food to ship and our representative to come and help run the event.

3. Get a Location

Get a Location

The size of room required depends on volume of food ordered. We suggest a local school gym, cafeteria, civic center, church, etc. You will want to invite as many as may want to help or observe. However, a much smaller room will suffice if order is less than $8,000.

Don’t forget to invite the local media, civic leaders, ministers, PTA, SBA Directors, and community leaders to your event. You will encourage them as they witness your student’s kindness towards those less fortunate.

At the packing event itself we will truck to your site the amount of bulk food your fundraiser purchased. Also included on the truck are bags, funnels, gram scales, heat sealers, hair nets, gloves, boxes and tape. Everything you need for a successful food packaging fund raiser!

Please note: You are responsible for tables (plan on 24 six foot tables for a $10,000 donation). For larger amounts, your representative will discuss with you how to work your participants in shifts.

4. Personalize Your Envelope

Personalize Your Envelope

Having determined your goal, percentage retained, packing date, location and sponsor, you then will want to fill out your envelopes and also print out labels to place on the envelope. This includes your sponsor’s information, your organization’s name and contact number to answer questions and concerns that we may have prior to your event.

5. Plan a Fund Raising Kick-Off Assembly

Plan a Fund Raising Kick-Off Assembly

We suggest showing our “Kick-off Assembly” video found our YouTube channel or we can send you the DVD, along with all the other motivational DVD’s.

Preparing a powerpoint chart of the student’s incentives has a terrific motivating impact. You can offer personalized and classy certificates such as “Titans Against Hunger,” for different dollar levels of donations.
Some schools require a minimum of $50 in donations to participate in the food packing event.

Explain who your sponsor is and invite them to your kick-off assembly if appropriate. You will also want to mention how they supported your fundraiser.

If giving donation receipts, explain to the participants how to fill out. Strongly instruct each participant to write the donor’s name and the amount donated on their envelope in front of the person giving. You need to assure your donors their gifts are being recorded and accounted for.
For accountability purposes, some schools require each participant to turn in their envelope at the end of the fundraising period regardless if empty.

Inform your participants of online donations via our website and the need to remind the donor of their personal name and school to receive credit. Online gifting allows the convenient advantage to transfer larger gifts and to give the donor an instant receipt.

Participants are also encouraged to get creative in raising donations. Some launch a personal email campaign to family and friends. Others write letters to local businesses that their parents do business with.
Service clubs (Kiwanis, Rotary, Lions) often allow presentations and give generously to youth service projects. The same service clubs may offer to reward each participant for service hours logged by their club advisor.

Young participants are encouraged to use caution in talking to strangers, but directed to talk to those they know and enlist parents to signup co-workers, relatives, friends, etc. Clearly state the last day for funds turn-in. Envelopes may be passed out after the assembly or in the last period class.

Make your food packing fundraiser exciting!

If K-12 students, plan on a two week fundraising period. Other groups/businesses can go much longer, perhaps dedicating a specific month to raising money. As fitting, have reminders, i.e., updates on amounts given to date and goal set, various prizes available, deadline on donations, etc.

6. All Donations Collected

All Donations Collected

On conclusion, your fundraiser bookkeeper will contact your Fundraising With A Purpose representative to receive the total amount donated online. Both in-house and online donation totals are then added, multiplied by your percentage to retain for your needs and sending the difference to:

Fundraising With A Purpose
P.O. Box A2131
Beaumont, CA 92223

Your representative will confirm the number meals to be sent along with all of your packing event details that should include: location, number of participants, tables, room size and video capability.

The Packing Event... You Have Arrived!

Event Coordination:

Your assigned Fundraising With A Purpose representative will coordinate the actual event with your staff. On the food packing day, you will need to supply 4 strong assistants to help set-up 2 hours before the event begins. A 30,000 meal packing event requires almost 10,000 pounds of ingredients!

Event Ideas and Tips:

• During your food packing event we recommend making your award presentations and raffles. We also recommend that you book special entertainment and speakers for throughout the event.

• Play motivating music. Congratulate the participants every time they have packaged another 5,000 meals.

• At the end of the event, plan on pictures of the participants next to the wall of boxes they have packed. This moment will not be soon forgotten. Pictures often make it to the media, classroom, yearbook, posted on Facebook and help spread awareness of our cause and yours!

Event Length:

The length of time it takes to complete a packing event depends on two main factors:

1. How many meals do you plan to pack?
2. How many people do you plan to have doing the packing?

If you are planning on packaging 30,000 meals it will take 3-4 hours once setup is complete if you have 120 participants. Setup takes 1-2 hours.

If you are a grade school, your little ones will move a little slower than high schoolers but they will make the best pictures.

Facility Needs:

Your representative will confirm what your needs will be once the meal volume is determined. They will ask for six-foot tables and electrical outlets.

Organizing Packing Event Volunteers

Shifts are often scheduled with larger groups. Grade schools often give grades K-3 a 60-90 minute shift, being helped by their teachers and responsible Junior High students.

Basic Elements


Is what a person brings to the meeting to inform others how a food fundraiser works


Incentives Chart


Is what is used in a kick-off assembly to
motivate students.