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Fund Raising with a Purpose » Sponsors

Our Purpose is changing lives.

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Do you know any person, business, church, or service club that would jump at the opportunity to:

Build character in the lives of your youth?

Support your school/club/

Help end

Every sponsor receives an incredible amount of goodwill spread throughout their community by each participant:

Imagine each participant repeatedly stating the name of your business or service club to every prospective donor?

“My club/school is raising money to feed 30,000 starving children and the “Kiwanis Club” is sponsoring us by supplying the prizes.”

If you sponsored a school of 750 students, your name would be mentioned to several thousand adults in your community!!

In addition, the sponsor may also:

Fundraising Envelope

Insert business cards into the envelopes for the participants to hand out

Hang a banner at the school and the food packing event

Receive recognition through the newspaper, social media, school website, etc!

What does the Sponsor do?

hope-sponThe Sponsor provides the incentives for the students to raise money. The Sponsor’s commitment constitutes a recommended matching 20% of the total donations. However, this percentage is not set in stone and your organization may choose more than one sponsor for your fundraiser.

A generous sponsorship naturally motivates the students to raise even greater amounts of donations. That $25 gift card from Best Buy gets them on the phone to grandpa in Texas!

To further explain this opportunity, we have created a printable Sponsor Letter for you to show your prospective sponsors. Click here to enjoy.


Helpful Hint

Most large corporations do not have the flexibility to give $2,000 to $3,000 on the local level without going through a long application process. Local businesses and service clubs are typically more likely to invest in their community and take advantage of the goodwill. They are likely your best market for sponsors.


Sponsor Ideas

Chic-Fil-A, Rotary Clubs, Kiwanis Clubs, John Doe for Mayor, Your Town Realty, Indian Tribes, Local Churches, Local Car Dealerships, Any Local Business, Local Service Clubs.

Sponsor a school food fundraiser

Sponsor a school food fundraiser

If you are a faith based organization or service club, is there really any better opportunity to make yourself more relevant and fulfill your mission than approaching the local public school system and offering to sponsor a food fundraiser?!?!? For $2,000-$3,000 you can encourage students to make 20,000 to 30,000 meals to feed starving children globally.

Simply invite the principle, ASB Advisor, Activities Director, club advisors or other qualified individuals to look at our website and offer to sponsor their next school fundraiser. It is highly doubtful the school as ever had someone offer to buy their fundraiser incentives!

Sponsor Letter


Link is the letter a school would take to a potential club or business to invite them to be a sponsor.